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a family affair


My mother Belinda grew up in her grandparent's home. My grandfather plowed a garden every year with fresh vegetables to help put food on the table. Nothing was ever on the table that wasn't homemade or "made with love." We come from a large family, and spent every holiday surrounded by one another in fellowship and enjoyed our time together over home-cooked food. 

Having home-cooked meals and sharing a meal at the dinner table with one another each day was a regular occurrence in our household. My mom worked full-time in the healthcare industry for 34+  years, and still managed to have a warm meal on the table for us each night, even after sitting out at Brandon and I's ball games for hours on end. On Sundays, she was known to make some sort of dessert for us to enjoy as a perfect end to the week. Having this as such a large part of my upbringing helped to lay the foundation and shape the path for me to choose a career in the food and service industry.

My brother Brandon served 20+ years in the optical industry, managing and opening new locations across the state before coming on-board as a co-owner and Pitmaster for 1775 BBQ. After traveling for work and meeting his wife Glenda in Ohio, they decided to move back home to College Station and plant their roots. For Brandon, choosing to make a career move to help run 1775 BBQ was a no brainer; it is something he loves and enjoys doing, and it allows him to work alongside me (Brad) to deliver a quality product that everyone can enjoy. 

This business has truly become a family affair. My dad Mark, and sister-in-law Glenda have been a huge part of the overall success. Glenda has taken on numerous responsibilities to help my mom Belinda, and has also become the manager of current and new employees. She helps prep sides alongside my mom and works to train staff to ensure the day-to-day goes seamlessly. My dad Mark oversees and maintains the appearance of the building and works to keep everything in mint condition for our customers. His personality and "never met a stranger" attitude has been a warm welcome to all of our customers. 

When you dine with us, you are not only helping us to keep our doors open, but you are supporting our family. We wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the many customers we get to serve each weekend. We look forward to seeing you out at 1775 Pit BBQ soon!

Brad Doan, Co-owner & Pitmaster

Brandon Doan, Co-owner & Pitmaster

Glenda Doan

Belinda Doan, Co-owner & Sidesmaster

Mark Doan


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